Following the sell-out success of our first five car parks located around Glasgow International Airport, we are delighted to release our eagerly anticipated sixth and final car park to investors.
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Airport Parking
A new commercial property opportunity designed for today's astute investor that we believe is low risk and highly profitable.
Guaranteed Rental Income
Proven Investment Opportunity
Traditionally, airport car parking provides higher yields than other traditional 'buy-to-let' investments. The scale of popularity and the rise of interest in car park investments are exemplified by the global market size, which is estimated by Colliers to be worth $12.6 billion.

Investors worldwide understand the need for airport car parking and with many car parks operating at full capacity on a daily basis this investment is proving very popular as well as lucrative.

Situated near Glasgow Airport, this car park investment offers investors the opportunity to receive income from day one.
"Airport car parking is at a premium and has been a long-standing, high yielding corporate investment worldwide. We are proud that this investment is no longer just for the super rich, with individual parking spaces now available to purchase from just £20,000 each."
High Yields & Capital Growth
Glasgow International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the UK with over 7.4 million passengers in 2013. The airport expects demand for long stay parking to outstrip supply in 2014.
Single or multiple parking spaces are available, which provide a guaranteed return within the first two years of 8% per annum.
Each parking space carries a single title deed, which is registered in your own name or that of your company at the Land Registry.
Glasgow Airport long stay parking is an excellent commercial property investment and a fantastic way to diversify your investment portfolio.
Our management team have over 20 years experience in airport vehicle parking, with some 6000 arking spaces under management.
Facts and figures
7.7 M
passengers travelled through Glasgow Airport in 2014
10 M+
Forecasted passengers by 2030
Forecasted demand for long stay parking spaces by 2020 (BAA)
Airport long stay parking spaces released for sale (2014)
Investment Highlights
Purpose built long stay secure airport car parking, in close proximity to Glasgow International Airport.
25% rise in capital value from day one
    (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) valuations show a realisable 25% increase in value over and above the investor purchase price paid.
6 year lease in place upon completion
    A 6-year leaseback of the car parking space(s) will be in place upon completion. This guarantees rental income for the first two years at 8% net per annum. Projected returns rise to 10% in years 3 & 4 and then to over 12% in years 5 & 6.
Resale strategy with a 25% projected profit
    We will re-sell yout parking space at anytime (subject to a 5% resale fee). We will market the parking space at a minimum 25% above the initial purchase.
Developer buy back option within year 5
    The investor may ask Herald land Ltd to buy back the parking space after five years (subject to conditions). We will pay the investor the same price as the investor paid initially.
No VAT charged on rental income
    Our investors are not obliged to charge VAT to their tenants (under current UK law) unless their income from the rentals exceeds the threshold (currently £81,000 p.a.)
Net Rental Returns
Year 1 & 2- £1,600

Based on a 8% guaranteed return per annum.
Year 3 & 4- £2,000

Based on a 10% projected return per annum.
Year 5 & 6- £2,400

Based on a 12% projected return per annum.

*All parking spaces have the benefit of an established 6 year lease via Herald Land with fixed upward facing rental reviews and bi-annual break clauses.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the capital cost?

The market valuation of one car parking space is £25,000. Investors are offered the property at a discounted rate, making the wholesale price only £20.000.
Is there VAT to pay on completion?

Our parking spaces are VAT exempt.. There is also no VAT charged on rental income of your parking space(s) as long as your income does not exceed £79,000 per annum.
Is there VAT to pay on completion?

Our parking spaces are VAT exempt; therefore there is no VAT to pay on completion of your property. There is also no VAT charged on rental income of your parking space(s) as long as your income does not exceed £79,000 per annum.
What rental income can I expect?

Parking space rental starts at £45 per week. The 6-year lease in place on your parking space has fixed upwards only rental reviews and break clauses for both parties every 2 years.
Is there a single title deed?

Yes, as with all UK property purchases you will receive the 'Title Deed' registered in your name at Land Registry after completion.
Is this a leasehold or freehold property?

Parking spaces are sold as a 175 year long leasehold property (Banks consider anything over 100 years just the same as owning a freehold). This is the maximum leasehold that can be granted in Scotland.
Investment Calculator
Number of spaces purchased

Total investment:

  Year Cash Amounts Total Returns
Guaranteed Returns Year 1 & 2 16%
Projected Returns Year 3 & 4 20%
Projected Returns Year 5 & 6 24%
Projected Capital Growth (RIC's Val) Year 6 25%
Projected Total Returns Year 6 85%
Projected Total Investment Value Year 6 185%
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